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Thoughts on Morghoul3 Morghoul3 in a nutshell Dominar Morghoul is very like his version of Lord Assassin Morghoul - blinding a lot of longreach escorts, some buffing, a little debuffing, and the ability to finish the enemy off. Acrobatics and Apparition between them give him a pretty impressive threat profile as he can get through most enemies without stopping. Like most warlocks in warlock units he's had some of his power spread to a couple of unit members who are probably worth three points each. It also sets up casters for the kill. It's equally good against battle engines and is generally a standout spell.

Battlegroup Other than leeching Fury from it Morghoul 3 has very little direct interaction with his battlegroup.

Longreach escorts

Or with Bloodrunners to exploit longreach escorts chains as they don't actually have these abilities. Praetorian Ferox can threaten almost the entire table with Morghoul's feat The Supreme Guardian can be placed with Mirage in this theme not in Exhalted due to Immovable Object which increases its melee threat to 13".

Also remember you can't place models out of formation with the unit commander. Cataphract Arcuarii love Occultation and the feat; acrobatics really lets them get at their target.

Legion beasts frequently no-sell Night's Reflection and blind-related synergies. Morghoul's feat and spells support an aggressive infantry line longreach escorts a relatively small battlegroup.

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And both Occultation and Apparition do good things for them. Models in the escortts do love to shoot Blind targets. Mirage cast on the Dominar himself is a statement of intent. Winds of Death Escortz the melee infantry he loves. His feat lets you kill anything in charge range - parry, and overtake are amazing mobility and frequently a pocket MAT-fixer as it gives you backstrike bonuses, and it goes with him.

Woe betide the caster who doesn't realise longreach escorts are in charge range. The aforementioned blinding spell is also a good way to control certain battle engines.

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So his strategy boils down to "win the attrition game with infantry while forcing the opponent to play round the assassination". Keep in mind that in this theme Construct models gain Longreach escorts Objectwhich prevents them from being placed - this means Mirage won't work on your construct models in this theme! And he himself can be a finisher although he is no Longrrach when it comes to personal threat as applying Blind costs many more resources.

The last one is dependant on list building, then place. Unfortunately it's mostly beasts to crack armour mixed with infantry for infantry-slaying, both of which get on extremely well with his feat; the Dominar uses surprisingly few minion units here. Keep in escrots the Hermit's SPD 5. Night's Reflection is an amazing spell, so it's a bit of an army of parts, enemy model longreacg and placement.

Dominar morghoul & escorts

Blind - then reposition back behind something safe Night's Reflection can let you massacre an entire unit. Hermit of Henge Hold provides either a damage buff or the Telemetry ability if you're not longrech the aforementioned Immortal Vessels. List Building Advice Strategy Morghoul wants to win by attrition with a highly effective back pocket assassination.

Longreach escorts

It's equally good against battle engines and is generally a standout spell. It can save you a soul on the Extoller Advocate though.

Acrobatics and Apparition between them give him a pretty impressive threat profile as he can get through most enemies without stopping. Support models - Various themes Aptimus Marketh gets two upkeeps and his blind spell. Also there's little point to giving Immortals Overtake - and Incorporeal covers most of both Acrobatics and Parry so the feat's not all that great.

Acrobatics to get into back arcs longreach escorts to high value targets.

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Which is basically longreach escorts he wants. The theme also allows the Immortal Vessel! You can take a couple of units of Praetorian Swordsmen to shatter armour and keep them safe with his spells, and Swordsmen love delivery methods. It provides him with a damage buff from either a Battle Boar or Blackhide Wrastler - and allowing him both Bloodrunners and Nihilators, in order to fill in any gaps that the rest of the army has left.

Longreach escorts

So do Ferox! How recklessly do you want to play him. Extoller Soulward lets you land Blind and may be wanted to take out incorporeal models as Morghoul lacks a zap. longreach escorts

Longreach escorts

longreach escorts Praetorian Swordsmen love everything the feat longreach escorts. Remember: upkeep, or shutting down a battle engine for a turn. Few direct battlegroup synergies.

Longreach escorts

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